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At Greece Animal Hospital, we hope every visit is a positive experience!

What to Expect During Your First Pet Care Visit

We recommend scheduling the first appointment with Greece Animal Hospital as soon as you adopt your new puppy, kitten, or adult pet. We want to be certain your new pet is healthy, happy, and off to a great start.

Plan Ahead

Many breeders and pet adoption organizations may perform an exam and begin preventive care for you, especially on older animals. Please forward records prior to your first visit.

Always keep your new pet in a carrier or on a leash. This helps keep your pet calm and minimizes the risk of exposure to disease. Our veterinarians and staff are skilled at creating a positive experience during exam time. If you have concerns about an overly shy or aggressive pet, feel free to discuss this with us. Our staff is trained to handle our more challenging patients and will take the time to educate you on appropriate pet behavior and training techniques. If needed, we can also refer you and your pet to outside trainers and behavior specialists.


The First Exam

The first exam will be easy and gentle. Your veterinarian will give your pet a thorough examination, including weighing your pet and checking the skin, coat, eyes, ears, heart and lungs, teeth, gums, and overall health.

After the examination, the veterinarian will address any questions you have about your pet’s health. We will discuss health and wellness issues, vaccines, the possibility of spaying or neutering your pet, and having them microchipped.

Our veterinarians are experts at making your pet feel comfortable and safe. If you have concerns about shy or aggressive tendencies, please discuss the situation with us. We will advise you on the best way to manage these issues.

What to Bring

When you visit us for the first time, please bring the following if not already forwarded:

  • Vaccination records and any documentation you have from your previous veterinary clinic, rescue shelter, or breeder regarding your pet’s health
  • A stool sample
  • The name of your pet’s food
  • Information about frequency and amount of feeding

In addition, we ask that you please take the time to review and complete our Client-Patient Information Form.

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