Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Surgery for Dogs & Cats

Surgery for Greece Dogs and Cats

Veterinary surgery at Greece Animal Hospital doesn’t have to be a traumatic or frightening experience. We offer treatment for a variety of canine and feline injuries and diseases, with modern advancements in surgical care and continuous support for pet owners. Treatment goals for every patient are designed to enhance the quality of life for pets and their families.

Experienced Veterinarians and Staff

Our veterinarians and staff offer extensive training and experience in performing various canine and feline surgeries, from spays and neuters to more complex surgical procedures. Pet owner support includes a complete explanation of any procedure.

Safe Pain Control: During & After Surgery

General anesthesia is the standard of care for most surgical procedures. We offer various levels of anesthesia for your pet, tailoring treatment to the patient’s need.

State of the art patient monitoring for surgery includes Doppler blood pressure, oxygen levels, body temperature, respiratory rate, EKG, and heart rate. Our technicians closely monitor every patient throughout their surgery and recovery.

For your pets’ surgery, pain management is tailored to patient need. Appropriate home care and treatment planning provides comfort for enhanced healing.

Surgical Procedures

We recommend spaying female puppies and kittens between four and six months old and neutering males by six months to prevent wandering, aggression, and territorial behaviors.

Spay (ovariohysterectomy) – Removing the ovaries and uterus to prevent heat cycles and reproduction
Neuter – Removing the testicles to prevent reproduction

All spays and neuters are performed with general anesthesia and proper post-surgical pain management.

Other types of veterinary surgeries we perform include:

Dental – Teeth cleaning, sealant application, and extraction
Soft Tissue – Abdominal surgery, bladder/urethral surgery, eye/facial surgery, tumor and growth removals, and skin/wound reconstruction

Post-Surgery Care
Following your pet’s surgery, we will teach you the proper procedures to care for your pet at home while they undergo recovery. Please see our Post-Surgical Home Care Form for more information.
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